Pride Baja Bandit 8MPH Car bootable Scooter


Pride Baja Bandit 8MPH Car Bootable Scooter

Pride Baja Bandit 8mph Mobility Scooter - Your Ticket to Freedom! 
Discover the ultimate in mobility and independence with the Pride Baja Bandit 8mph Mobility Scooter. Designed to empower you to navigate through life's adventures, this top-of-the-line scooter combines style, performance, and reliability in one exceptional package.
Key Features:
 Impressive Speed: With a powerful 8mph top speed, you can effortlessly cruise through your local area, whether it's for daily errands or leisurely strolls by the sea.
 All-Terrain Capability: Conquer any surface with ease. The Baja Bandit's robust construction and all-terrain tires ensure a smooth ride on pavements, pathways, and even slightly rougher terrains.
 Comfortable Seating: Experience superior comfort during every journey. The scooter features a plush ergonomic design, allowing you to enjoy longer rides without discomfort.
 Enhanced Safety: Your safety is paramount. Equipped with advanced safety features including lights, indicators, and a horn, the Baja Bandit ensures you're visible and in control at all times.
 User-Friendly Controls: Effortlessly navigate your way with intuitive controls at your fingertips. The user-friendly dashboard keeps you informed and in command.
 Long-Lasting Battery: Go the extra mile with the scooter's reliable and long-lasting battery. Enjoy extended rides without worrying about running out of power.
 Sleek Design: The Pride Baja Bandit combines modern aesthetics with smart engineering. Its sleek design turns heads while providing you with a dependable mode of transportation.
Embrace a new level of freedom with the Pride Baja Bandit 8mph Mobility Scooter. Whether you're exploring the scenic coastal paths of Shoreham By Sea, running errands, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this scooter is your trusty companion.
Take charge of your mobility and experience life without limits. Contact us today to make the Pride Baja Bandit yours and embark on a journey of unparalleled convenience and enjoyment.

• Max range of 20-40 miles

• Top speed of 8mph*

• Disassembles easily

• All round suspension

• Stylish colour matched wheel hubs

• Delta bars as standard

 • Black puncture proof tyres

 • Battery - 20/40AH Lithium





Weight Capacity








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The first proper capable 8mph car bootable, We believe this is going to be one of the best selling scooters this year. 

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