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Discover Brighton with ease using our wheelchair hire services. Enjoy flexible options: day hire at £12, weekend hire for £25, and week hire priced at just £50. Enhance your mobility in Brighton affordably. Book your wheelchair today!

The chair you hire will vary depending on stock. 

Please call our Hove Shop or Email to arrange times and dates for hire. We can take payments over the phone.

Hove Shop 01273 775123

Shoreham Shop 01273 440300


Transit Wheelchairs:

Transit wheelchairs, also known as transport wheelchairs, are designed primarily for being pushed by a caregiver or attendant. They are lighter in weight and more compact compared to self-propelled wheelchairs. Transit wheelchairs typically have smaller rear wheels that are often solid and do not have the large push rims that self-propelled wheelchairs have. These chairs are ideal for individuals who have limited upper body strength or are unable to propel themselves, relying on someone else to push them.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs:

Self-propelled wheelchairs are designed for individuals who have enough upper body strength and coordination to move the wheelchair themselves. They feature larger rear wheels with push rims that allow the user to grip and propel the wheelchair forward or backward using their own power. These wheelchairs offer more independence and control to the user as they can navigate themselves without relying on assistance from others.

In summary, the main difference between transit and self-propelled wheelchairs lies in how they are powered and who operates them. Transit wheelchairs are meant to be pushed by caregivers or attendants, while self-propelled wheelchairs are designed for individuals to move themselves using the push rims on the rear wheels. The choice between the two depends on the user's mobility and strength, as well as their level of independence.

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VAT Relief Explained

Where two prices are shown for a product, the lower price (which excludes VAT) is available to those who are chronically sick, disabled or terminally ill. Chronically sick means that you have an illness that is likely to last a long time eg arthritis, angina. Disabled means substantially and permanently handicapped by illness or injury.

You do not have to be registered disabled to claim relief from VAT, but the nature of your illness or disablement must be specified in your declaration.

Unfortunately you do not qualify if you are elderly but able-bodied or if you are only temporarily disabled or injured.

You will be asked whether you wish to claim relief from VAT during the checkout process. If you do wish to claim you will just need to state the illness or medical condition you are suffering from and tick to confirm that you wish to claim exemption and that the information you have provided is correct. It's that easy!

Delivery Zone on Scooters & Other Large Items

On items which require an engineered delivery (assembling and installing batteries) Much More Mobility operate a delivery radius of 20 miles from Brighton. Please contact us for clarification of this if you are unsure of your distance from Brighton.

If you decide you do not want the scooter (or other engineered delivered item) on arrival there is a collection/ return change of £70. Items are checked over for damage and functionality on delivery.

Please ask us about the scooters and their specification to find out more.